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Anahata Education Center

Anahata is a nurturing place with an array of healing practitioners to support you on your path to well-being. Wellness isn’t something achieved in a hour session, it is a lifestyle.  We welcome guests, and especially encourage those who resonate with our visions and values! Visiting Anahata may be your first step in exploring a deeper connection with the Anahata community.


Community Living

Since 1995, we have explored the sacred interrelation of people, nature and the cosmos.  Our aim is to create a sustainable and mutually thriving connection with nature and each other.  We invite you to come explore, learn and share with us as we live from the Anahata Chakra – a Sanskrit word for heart center.


Kathryn and Luke are verified superhosts on Airbnb!  Multiple options are available from individual and group rooms in the main house to spacious individual efficiency apartments to a rustic cabin in the surrounding woods. Register early to secure your favorite room!

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